Vocational Training, Dual Study Program, Internship

Innovative and interesting work environment

During your vocational training at JGU, you will work in many different departments and get to know the different areas and their respective structures, which ensures an exciting and varied work environment.

Further development opportunities

Further training and continuing education of our trainees is a core task of JGU’s educational mission. We want to give you the opportunity for individual and professional growth in order to achieve the goals and tackle the tasks of our university together. To this end, we offer an extensive continuing education and further training program and support you during your training with events and programs tailored to our trainees’ needs.
In many cases, our vocational training is demand-oriented, which means that we have a great interest in taking on our trainees.

Financial Support

JGU supports you financially, for example when buying training materials in the form of a book allowance or by covering the costs of exam preparation courses. Our trainees also receive a special annual payment in November and a bonus if they pass the final exam in their first attempt. JGU also offers capital-forming benefits and there is the option of purchasing a job ticket.

Sports, Leisure, and Culture

During your vocational training, you will benefit from a great number of leisure, cultural, and sports activities at the university, such as the program of the Allgemeiner Hochschulsport (AHS, General University Sports) or concerts and theater.